Our Vision

We are a chess club founded on chess principles. We serve with integrity and compassion for our chess community. Establish a reputation for teaching students with dignity and respect. Be recognized for our dedication to academic excellence, mentoring and support. Our environment inspires maximum participation and promotes personal achievement.

Our Focus

Our Service

We provide service by

Our chess programs are designed for Beginner, Intermediate and Advance students. We provide chess training while making the process fun and exciting. Our instructors are well skilled and dedicated chess trainers. 

Our Method

Shoreview Chess believes; studying chess builds Critical Thinking Skills, Leadership, Sportsmanship and Self-Esteem. With these attributes in mind, we have developed a system to target three main concepts of chess success.

Our Mission

As an educational organization it is our mission to provide quality chess lessons to children and youth. Create an environment students can exercise their talents and develop into chess players of excellent caliber and character.

Why Shoreview Chess, Benefits?

Studies have shown children benefit tremendously from Chess. A study complied by Kasparov Chess Foundation of Europe shares some interesting insights. I would like to highlight Leopold Lacrimosa contribution of the Chess and the “five R’s” for Kids.

  1. Chess and Reading: because kids must study from many chess books in order to develop their game.
  2. Chess and Writing: because the rules of chess state that you must keep a score of your game.
  3. Chess and Math: because each piece on the chess board has value, some greater than others; if you loose stronger pieces for lesser ones, it may cost you the game.
  4. Chess and Responsibility: because you and you alone must direct your army of pieces to its best deployment, and bad decisions will allow your men to be captured with little or no compensation, which may also cost you the game.
  5. Chess and Respect: because you respect yourself as well as your opponent, each game begins with a handshake and ends with a handshake.


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